1933 - 2015

Late Shri Ramswaroop ji Panchariya started his carrier in Solapur-Maharashtra, India. After successful establishment of Textile business in Solapur, he handed over rinse of that business to his younger brothers and migrated to Ahmedabad-Gujarat(India) in 1968. By then, Ahmedabad was known as “Manchester of india”. Being he was experienced In textile business and his connections and links with powerloom manufacturers, motivated him to start Textile Agency Business in Ahmedabad-Gujarat, India. 


In year 1968, He established textile trading & Agency company by the name of Panchariya Brothers textile agency. In short period with his business acumen, he became well-known and established his reputation & position as number one textile agent in Ahmedabad-Gujarat, India. 


When his three children joined the textiles business gradually then he took retirement from family business i.e. year 1996. 


By since then he started to give his most of the time to community & society. By 1998 January, Mr R B Panchariya anonymously elected as President of “All India Gujar gaud Brahmin Maha Sabha”. He did many charities during his tenure and reformed many ashrams and dharmshala along with social events I.e. Bhagwatiji Katha Saptah, Samuh Lagna, sponsored students for Sanskrit educations etc...


Mr. Panchariya has been Honoured on many occasions with highest respect of society.